Decadent Chocolate Coated Blueberries from the High Country

Locally grown and processed chocolate-coated blueberries produced in Myrtleford, North East Victoria – the heart of Victoria’s High Country.

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Hand Picked and locally coated

Farm Fresh Blueberries

There’s nothing like home-grown, but this is the next best thing. Alpine Blueberries are grown on our family farm in Myrtleford and snap-frozen to ensure lasting freshness. Our chocolate coating machine then turns them into the yummy treat the locals konw and love.

Meet Your Local Farmers

Behind the scenes of Alpine Blueberries are a family of farmers that have been growing blueberries in Myrtleford for generations. Located on the Great Alpine Way on the banks of Happy Valley Creek, blueberries are harvested in their prime and coated in the finest dark chocolate on-site.

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